Lieb Garde

Lieb Garde
The Leib Garde of Hesse Seewald

Friday, December 1, 2023

Our Annual SYW Christmas Game


Tomorrow we will be playing our annual Christmas Game at Kieth L.'s home (he of the huge basement with three 6ft by 30ft tables). We have been doing this for at least the past decade, usually the first weekend of December. We often play the Big Battalions using Bill Protz's "Batailles dans l'Ancien Regime" or B.A.R for short. Click on some of the pictures here to get the true feel for the vast amount of tabletop space that we have to play with.

Ian Weekley buildings, vintage 1990. Der Alte Fritz made the church.

This year's game is a little unusual in that there is a tectonic shift in the alliances of Europe in our 1757-ish period. Gadzooks, Britain and France are now allies, while cats (Austria) and dogs (Prussia) are playing together after forging a new alliance. I have heard that Frederick II and Marie Therese have secretly divided the German Holy Roman Empire into two spheres of influence. Prussia has the northern half while Austria holds sway in the largely Catholic south.

I have no idea how Britain and France came to terms, other than a fear of the Austro-Prussian alliance. Britain has always been the counterweight to alliances and affairs in Europe so my guess is that this is the motivation for the two countries to set aside their differences and seek out a common good.

Here are some pictures of the game tables with all of the troops set up in their positions several days before the actual game day on Saturday.

The British brigade.

The center table (of three) where all of the action is likely to play out.

One of the Austrian brigades that Himself will command.

The view of all three tables. My Austrian brigade of four infantry battalions 
and two regiments of cuirassiers are in the foreground.

So Der Alte Fritz, Himself, will be commanding some of the Austrians. My brigade, shown in the pictures above, cover the left flank of the Austrian-Prussian army. Apparently the two army commanders had a player draft and I was selected by the Austrian side. I am not so sure that I look very good wearing white, but I will give it my best effort. LOL!

There will be some after action pictures and a game report on my main blog, Der Alte Fritz Journal, and I will likely post a few pictures on this blog, probably on the Sunday following the game.


  1. Hope you all had a wonderful time!
    I await a battle report and photos with great enthusiasm.
    Alan Tradgardland

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