Lieb Garde

Lieb Garde
The Leib Garde of Hesse Seewald

Hesse Seewald Army

Hesse Seewald Heere

All Hesse Seewald infantry regiments wear dark green coats, except for the Leibgarde Regiment with red coats.

Leibgarde Grenadier Regiment  (red coat, yellow facings and small clothes)

Leibgarde Regiment - 1st Battalion

IR1 von Glasenap Musketeer Regt.  (Red facings, white)

IR1 von Glasenap Regiment

IR2 Charlottenburg Musketeer Regt. (Rose facings, white)

IR2 Charlottenburg Musketeers

IR3  Holstein Musketeer Regt. (Orange facings, white)

IR3 Holstein Musketeers

IR4. von Birkebeil Musketeer Regt. (Straw facings, white)

IR4 von Birkebeil Musketeer Regiment

IR5  Prinz Heinrich Fusilier Regt. Or Munchow Fusiliers (red facings, straw)

IR5 Prinz Heinrich Fusilier Regiment

IR6  Royal Foresters or Grunwald J├Ąger Regt.

IR7 von Arnim Musketeer Regt.

IR7 von Arnim Regiment

IR8  Rochling Grenadier Battalion   (IR1, 2, 3 & 4)
Rochling converged grenadier battalion.

IR9  Uchlander Grenadier Battalion  (IR5, 6, 7 & GR1)

GR1  Garnison Regt.  Beck

CR1  Garde du Corps

CR2 Wittman Cuirassier Regt.

CR3 Hammerstein Cuirassier Regt.

DR1  von Munchausen Dragoons (blue coats, red facings)

DR2  Buddenbrock Dragoons (blue coats, yellow facings)

DR3  Corps of Guides Light Dragoons (green coats, red facings, straw breeches)
Corps of Guides with skirmishers

HR1 von Hetzer Hussars (green pelisse, red dolman, straw)

Artillery Battalion  (red coat, black facings, white)

Hesse Seewald 6-pound field battery.


  1. I really like your army organization and especially the flags. Reich Duke Wilhelm was heard to say this army would be a real challenge for this Army of Beerstein...Bill

  2. Jim;

    This is going to be a wonderful army when complete. I'm relieved to see that you will be initially preoccupied with the perfidious Saxons, thereby allowing Shetland to concentrate on repelling a rumored Danish invasion intent on retaking the islands.

    1. Hesse Seewald will likely never be a naval power since it is a land locked country. Look out for those Danes though. They are a tricky lot.

    2. That I look forward to seeing ...

  3. A very smart army, thanks for the pictures. My favourite unit so far is IR2, I like the green with rose facings.