Lieb Garde

Lieb Garde
The Leib Garde of Hesse Seewald

Who's Who in Hesse Seewald

The Cast

This page will list all of the characters who appear in our stories. Check for frequent updates to the list. This helps the Royal Scribe keep track of who all the members of the cast are.


The Good Guys (The Elector's Family):

King Georg Ludwig II (left) and the Erbprinz Friedrich
  •  Georg Ludwig II - the Elector of Hesse Seewald, Herzog von Hesse Seewald, and self-styled "King in Hesse Seewald".
  • Queen Charlotte of Sachsen Gotha - wife of the Elector Georg Ludwig II.
  • Erbprinz Friedrich - the Elector's eldest son and commander of the Hesse Seewald Heere.
  • Prinz Karl Friedrich - serving in the army of the Veringte Frei Stade ("VFS")
  • Prinz Heinrich - serving in the Hesse Seewald Heere as a division commander
Field Marshal von Glasenap - senior general in the HS Heere and the eminence gris of the Erbprinz.

Major General Karl Otto Alberti - a senior general in the HS Heere. You would know him if you saw a picture of him.

Colonel Otto Bauer - Defense Minister of Hesse Seewald (see list of the Bad Guys, below)
Herr Haberdasher - Tailor by Appointment of Georg Ludwig II Rex. Manufactures the army's uniforms.
Ernst von Jung -  Quartermaster General of the Hesse Seewald Army
Colonel Andreas von Birkebeil - Inhaber of the regiment that bears his name - IR4


At the Court at Potsdam

King Friedrich II of Prussia - You know who he is (chief trouble maker in Central Europe these days)
Count Schadenfreude - Minister of State to the King of Prussia (also the "handler" of Lady de Winter)
Otto Schmidt - a servant of the King of Prussia, rather unsteady with a tea service tray
von Seydlitz - Lt. General of Cavalry of the Prussian Army.

The Bad Guys:

Colonel Otto Bauer - Defense Minister of the Electorate, head of intelligence (secretly working for the King of Prussia).

Captains Dorne and Distle - Colonel Bauer's primary henchmen who do all of the dirty work.

Milady de Winter - French aristocrat in exile who seems to be at the nexus of all evil in the Empire. She works for... well, if we told you, we would have to kill you, nest-ce pas?

The Regulators - the black uniformed freikorps in the service of Milady de Winter. These are as truly a nasty crew of near-do-wells as you could ever meet.

Lady De Winter's Dreaded Black Coach and some of The Regulators.


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