Lieb Garde

Lieb Garde
The Leib Garde of Hesse Seewald

Friday, December 30, 2016

Battle of Trentonburg

Battle of Trentonburg Click Pix to enlarge.

Please check out the Battle of Trentonburg fought on Christmas Eve, posted on my Der Alte Fritz Journal blog.

Der Alte Fritz Journal Blog

This is the very first battle fought by the Hesse Seewald army and they won a moderate victory over the Saxons, who were in Winter quarters in the quiet little town of Trentonburg.

2017 will see the addition of Hesse Seewald cavalry which is needed to fend off the forces of evil Saxony.

CR1 Garde du Corps
CR2 Wittman Cuirassiers
CR3 Hammerstein Cuirassiers

DR1 Munchausen Dragoons
DR2 Buddenbrock Dragoons
DR3 Corps of Guides (Light Dragoons) - add a second squadron

HR1 von Hetzer Hussars

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