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Lieb Garde
The Leib Garde of Hesse Seewald

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Birkebeil Musketeer Regiment Is Being Raised

IR4 Birkebeil Musketeer Regiment

The Quartermaster General of the Hesse Seewald Heere, Ernst von Jung, paid a visit to the training barracks to view the progress of the new Birkebeil Musketeer Regiment, that is now forming. He watched as the three new companies (of a five company establishment) went through their paces on the parade ground and was pleased with the progress being made.

He noted that the regimental tailor, Herr Haberdasher of the renowned firm, Minden & Saville Ltd., was busy going over bolts of Elven Green cloth and Rucksack Yellow that would be used to outfit the rest of the regiment.

Von Jung: "Guten tag, Herr Haberdasher! How are the uniforms coming along?"

Herr Haberdasher: "It was slow going at first as I had to measure all of the recruits and order sufficient material to sew the jackets and small clothes, but now the pace seems to be picking up and I should have Company No. 4 kitted out and ready to go within another day."

Von Jung: " And what about Company No. 5; how are their uniforms coming along?"

Herr Haberdasher: " We have enough cloth and green dye, but we are missing sabots, of all things. I was certain that we had plenty of stock on hand."

Von Jung: "The lads can not march and fight without shoes/sabots. The King will not be pleased to hear about the delay. What do you propose to do about it?"

Herr Haberdasher: "I will have to send Captain Joachim Birkebeil of Company No. 5 to Prospectberg to see if the lumber yard has the timber that I ordered awhile ago."

Von Jung: "And what is your back up plan? What if the lumber yard did not reorder the wood, what shall you do? The King expects to have the regiment filled out and ready to train by next week."

Herr Haberdasher:" then I shall cut my own lumber and make my own sabots. It is not an easy task, but it can be done. You may inform His Majesty that the Birkebeil Regiment will be up to full strength by the middle of next week."

Von Jung: "Very good news, Herr Haberdasher, very good news indeed. You know that there may be a new war on the horizon. I would imagine that the Quartermaster's department can keep you fairly busy as the King has authorized the further build up of the army."


  1. Nice figures, Jim. The troops are massing.........

  2. Wonderful uniform colors!

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  3. Very nice work! I wish I had the time for a project like this.


    1. You do a little bit at a time and before you know it, you have a whole army. I started this project about a year ago and now have 6 battalions, 1 squadron of light cavalry, and 2 field artillery pieces.