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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Prinz Heinrich Fusiliers IR5 Are Now Recruiting

Prinz Heinrich Fusilier Regt. IR5 (click to enlarge)

PRESS RELEASE: Ministry of Defense

Subject: Recruitment of a new fusilier regiment for the Hesse Seewald Army.

(Gotha) The Ministry of Defense announced today the formation of a new regiment of fusiliers that will be placed on the establishment as IR5. Defense Minister Colonel Otto Bauer announced that His Grace, Prinz Heinrich von Hesse Seewald would be designated as the inhaber of the regiment.

"We are looking for young men, aged 16 to 25, who are of good spirit and fortitude to join the new regiment of fusiliers in the Hesse Seewald army. This will be the first time that the Army has employed fusiliers, so there is much opportunity for good men who seek employment in the service of His Highness, King Georg Ludwig II."

The new regiment of fusiliers is very smart looking with their traditional green coats with red facings, nicely offset by straw-colored waistcoats and breeches. The fusilier mitres have a red mitre bag trimmed in white piping. The rear base of the mitre is Hesse Seewald Green. All buttons and emblems are silver in color. Regimental musicians follow the convention of wearing reverse colors: i.e. red coats with green facings.

Colonel Bauer reports that the first three companies of fusiliers have completed their training and have been assigned to the Garrison of Gotha until the regiment is brought up to its full complement of 5 fusilier companies and 1 grenadier company.

Reporters for the Gotha Times noted that the new fusilier regiment will have a total of 6 companies, compared to the usual 5 companies of the other line infantry regiments in the Hesse Seewald Army.

Colonel Bauer informed our reporters that henceforth, all regiments will add a sixth company in order to bring the regiments up to a wartime footing. Accordingly, the standard organization of all line infantry regiments will be 5 companies of musketeers/fusiliers and 1 company of grenadiers. As our readers well know, the grenadier companies are hived off from the regiment and amalgamated into standing grenadier battalions of 4 companies.

At the present time, the grenadier companies from regiments IR1, IR2, IR3 and IR4 combine to form the Rochling Grenadier Battalion, listed as IR8 on the army rolls. A second standing grenadier battalion, to be commanded by Colonel Gerhard Uchlander, is now forming and will include the grenadier companies from IR5, IR6, IR7 and Garrison Regiment No. 1.


  1. Smart indeed, once again. The Royal Military Haberdasher has good taste! I'm impressed by how well the sculpting on the fusilier mitre stands out on the Minden figures. I believe that these are the first I have seen in close, or at least in such a good close up shot. Do the members of the command group have slightly different coloured small clothes? Is that a tinge of apple green, or simply shadow? After second look, I think that it is simply mostly the dark tinted base colour with less straw highlights seen. Neverthess, this makes me thing that a lighter shade of green might be an effective and unexpected facing colour for one of the units yet to come. You have no doubt the facing colours all planned out already however!

    Super flags, the cobalt blue adds a real flourish. Thanks for the eye candy!


    1. I use Reaper Pro Paints Elven Green as the base coat or shading color. I then mix some cream with the Elven Green to create a highlight color. I don't use the triad color method.

      The straw color comes from the Reaper triad of Cream colors used straight from the bottle.

      Color combos are patterned after French Napoleonic dragoon uniforms.

      The garrison regiment will be a Double Green with the Elven Green coats and then light green facings, breeches and waistcoat - my version of Prussias Double Blues Freikorps and Garrison troops uniforms.

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  3. I think one can tell your having a lot of fun right now on this project.:-) They look very nice too!


  4. A future regiment will have white facings, but I think that I might give them straw small clothes to provide a visual contrast to the white.