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Lieb Garde
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Gathering Supplies for the Coming War

Field Bakery of the Hesse Seewald Heere are very busy these days. Click pictures to enlarge view.

From the Munden Times   February 20, 1750

(Munden, Hesse Seewald) Local farmers report that agents of King Georg Ludwig II are purchasing all of their excess grain at very favorable prices. Farmers are happy with this development as it seems to have pushed the price of grain up by 50 pfennings per bushel. Area Flour Millers are also reporting an uptick in their orders for processed flour.

"My mill is so busy that we have to run operations six days per week," said Andreas Berkebeil, a local flour miller. "I would open the mill on Sunday, if I could," he added.

From the Herzeberg Guardian

(Herzeberg, Hesse Seewald) Officials of the Herzeberg Armory announced that they are accepting applications from anyone interested in entering their apprentice program. Qualified young men between the ages of 12 and 18 are eligible to join the apprentice program. The Armoury is also reported to be hiring labourers for tasks such as wood cutting, charcoal preparation and other non-skilled labour.

From the Celle Clarion

(Celle, Hanover) The cost of purchasing a horse these days seems to have increased over the past several weeks. Clarion Journal reporter, Uwe Blap, reports that prices for good Hanoverian horse flesh have increased 40% in the past two weeks alone. Prices tend to be rather stable (no pun intended) unless there is a spike in demand, as one might find as a precurser to war.
Blacksmiths shod the horses at the Celle Stables.

What could be driving the market prices so high?  Reporter Blap writes that agents of King Georg Ludwig II of Hesse Seewald have been active buyers of the world famous Celle Stallions. These agents have reportedly purchased 600 head of horses over the past month, enough to mount an entire regiment of cuirassies or dragoons.

From the Gotha Daily News

A New Regiment to be Raised by Graf Birkebeil For Hesse Seewald Service

The grenadier company of the new Birkebeil Regiment (IR4) show off their new togs at the press conference held outside the Royal Palace in Gotha today. The staff artist apologizes for the poor sketch quality, but he was in a hurry to meet a tight deadline and his hand was not very steady.

Spokesmen from the royal palace press agency have released details of a new regiment that King Georg Ludwig II has authorized to be raised.

Local businessman and flour exporter, Andreas Birkebeil, confirmed today that he will underwrite the financing for a new musketeer regiment to serve in the Hesse Seewald Heere. Herr Birkebeil's eldest son, Jakob, will be the inhaber for the new Birkebeil Musketeer Regiment. The royal palace news room confirmed that the regiment will number fourth in the Hesse Seewald military establishment, taking on the identifier "IR4 Birkebeil Musketeer Regiment."

Herr Birkebeil has allowed the Gotha Daily News  sketch artist to present preliminary drawings of the colorful new uniforms, which will be in the traditional Hesse Seewald Elven Green with yellow facings and waistcoat. The breeches will be white and the gaitors will be black, in accordance with Hesse Seewald Quartermaster's Regulations.

The Royal Tailors of Minden Miniatures provided the materials and dyes to needed to create these new uniforms.


  1. Egads - a cynical man might forsee the outbreak of hostilities.

  2. Things are about to start with a bang it sounds like.

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    1. I wonder what will be the match that starts the fire?

  3. I wonder if the match might be thrown from a black coach?????

  4. It seems some of your field bakers are covered in flour... or yogurt... or oatmeal. Something gray in any case. Don't go too near the oven or they'll be cookies!
    Seriously, really nice work. You do some of the best I've seen anywhere.

    1. Credit for the field bakery and black smith goes to Ed Phillips, who made the vignettes.