Lieb Garde

Lieb Garde
The Leib Garde of Hesse Seewald

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Breakfast in Potsdam

The Scene: the King's Study at Potsdam. The time is 6:30 A.M. Friedrich is waiting for his morning tea. The servant, Otto Schmidt, walks into the study carrying a tray of tea service, toast and jam.

The Prussian Minister of State, Count Schadenfreude, is seated in a chair talking with the King.

Fritz: " oh, there you are Schmidt! Just set the tray on my desk. I've much work to do and won't be seated at the table .

Schmidt juggles the heavy service tray with one hand while pushing the door open.. Friedrich' s pet Whippet, Biche, races over to Schmidt, hoping to find a biscuit. The startled servant does a half spin as he tries to avoid Biche, who has now raised up on her hind legs, fore paws on Schmidt's arm. Tails are wagging.

The tea cup and a plate slide off of the tray and shatter on the floor.

Schmidt: " I am so sorry Your Highness! Please forgive me."

Schadenfreude: "Meissen pottery! Expensive stuff it is."

Fritz: " Made in Saxony, is it not?"

Schadenfreude: " Yes, but it is a bit over rated if you ask me."

Fritz: "Precisely, a little bit like the Duchy of Saxony, don't you agree?"

Count Schadenfreude emits a little cackle as he laughs at the King's joke.

Schadenfreude: "Your Highness, I wish to convey some information that I have received from sources in Gotha and Dresden."

Fritz: ( his ears perk up) "Do tell, my dear Count, what is going down there on the Saxon border."

Schadenfreude: " Well Sire, it appears that Hesse Seewald is building up stores of grain, munitions and other war materials. Dresden is quite apprehensive about these developments."

Fritz: "Hmm, yes, I have heard rumors of war rumblings. That block head Georg Ludwig aced me out of a herd of 600 of the finest horses from the Celle Stables in Hanover. Seydlitz was not happy about that development. "

Schadenfreude: ( continuing his conversation ) "Yet there is much opportunity for Prussia in this unrest, Sire."

Fritz: " There is a powder keg that only need a lit match to force events in My favor. Your thoughts, my dear Count."

Schadenfreude : " Quite coincidentally powder kegs have been on my mind of late. There is quite a large one at the Saxon depot in Torgau and I know just the person who could do the job. She is..."

Frederick interrupts the Count, putting one finger to his mouth to indicate silence. "Tisk, tisk Schadenfreude . I do not need to hear the details. Just make it so!"

Schadenfreude : "I understand, Sire. All will be taken care of in short order."

Fritz: " I have come to expect no less from you Dear Count. You may leave now. There is much work ahead of us."

Friedrich waves off Count Schadenfreude towards the doorway. The count bows and backs his way out of the study.

Fritz: "oh and Schadenfreude, send for Winterfeldt. We need to start mobilizing soon."

Count Schadenfreude nods in understanding and exits the room. Biche ambles over to the King seeking a comforting scratch behind her ears. As Schadenfreude leaves, he hear a muffled cackling behind him in the King's Study.


  1. Ah yes, well there you go! Prussia is already on the move. Hesse Seewalde will have to be quick or Fritz will get the prize first!

  2. And we have a pretty good idea who this "she" is who's going to ignite the powder keg.

  3. The Electorische Armee Thuringen is preparing to march south into the Reichskreis Oberesachsen to help out our fellow monarchs. Maybe we can draw off some of the uncommitted forces that would reinforce the Saxons against Hesse-Seewald. More anon!