Lieb Garde

Lieb Garde
The Leib Garde of Hesse Seewald

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hesse Seewald Jagers

The Royal Foresters, or Hesse Seewald Grunwald Jagers

(Please click on the picture to enlarge the view to its full splendor)

Pictured above is a company of the Royal Foresters that are currently doing service in the employ of the Veringte Frei Stadt ("VFS"). The gentleman seated on the horse on the left is Prinz Karl Friedrich, one of King Georg Ludwig's sons. He has been sent to the VFS to learn the military arts and the king sent along two companies of his jagers to accompany his son and learn the latest in light infantry tactics from the veteran VFS army.

Two companies of jaguars = 24 figures

(The figures are from the Fife & Drum AWI range - Continental firing line figures, although I think that I see one militia figure in the front row, far right).

It is said that Napoleon once saw a company of the same jagers  while on one of his Italian campaigns and that he was so enamored with the green/red/tan color combination that he adopted it for his Consular Guard Chasseurs a Cheval. Now you know the true story.


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    1. Saxony is to the immediate east of Hesse Seewald. I will work on a map this week.

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