Lieb Garde

Lieb Garde
The Leib Garde of Hesse Seewald

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mapping Hesse Seewald

Approximate area of Hesse Seewald shown in red line on the map.

The next step in the construction of my Hesse Seewald kingdom is to create a map so that we can see where it is and how it relates to potential allies and enemies. 

The map above gives us a starting reference point. Obviously, there is no Hesse Seewald on this map, so I need to create it by taking bits and pieces from the alphabet soup of little countries in the targeted area. My general concept was to locate Hesse Seewald directly to the east of Hesse Kassel as both states are sister countries with a common origin.

Looking at the map, the central core of the country includes the states of Eichsfeld, Eisenach, Muhlhausen, the Duchies of Gotha, Weimar and Erfurt. The principal loser of land in this group is the Bishopric of Mainze ( an ecclesiastical state with no army and hence is of no consequence). Gotha will be acquired via marriage as will Weimar. Erfurt is extracted from Mainze once again.

Saxony will be a bit bent out of shape when it loses the narrow finger of land that points due west towards Hesse Kassel, following the Unstrut River. In fact, the Saxons will be evicted from all land west of the Saale River and north of the Unstrut. Some of the other small principalities such as Schwarzenburg, Rudolstadt, and Sondershausen will be acquired at the convenience of his Majesty Georg Ludwig. 

Hand drawn map transferring the boundaries from the first map onto the final map.

This all seems like a size able central core, but the Hesse Seewald domains are still dwarfed by those of Saxony and Hesse Kassel. Having Friedrich II of Prussia can have its advantages in this regard. As King Georg Ludwig II always says, "never trust a Saxon, but for God's sake always keep one eye on the Prussians."

Now that I have the rudimentary outline of the Hesse Seewald boundaries, I can take some thin drawing paper and trace over the outline of our lands and then draw up the theatre map for the coming conflicts. More of that anon.


  1. Never underestimate the Bishop of Mainze I say...

  2. Absolutely GREAT to have now the possibility to discover more about Hesse-Seewald - and to have a personality such as you taking over from Peter Young and Charles Grant!
    IIRC in the old days (as recorded in the 'Wars of the Saxon Duchies' archived in the OSW group) 'Hesse-Seewald' was the name of what is now 'Germania', so Hesse-Seewald proper is 'Alt Hesse-Seewald' ^.^
    And in those old days Milady de Winter was in the service of Hesse-Seewald (because her son was held hostage by the ruler of this country, seemingly): maybe she'll reappear here?
    And now that you are developing your Imagi-Nation, as part of letting your creativity fully express itself, will you further the building of a war balloon?
    Best wishes,

  3. PS: promising map, but where is the Anabaptist Archbishopric of Zenda?

  4. By the way: The elector of Mainz had one regiment with 16 companies of fusiliers, 2 companies of grenadiers and 8 3pounders cannons.
    Why not some exclaves for Hesse-Seewald? Also from Mainz...
    Amoeneburg and Fritzlar near Marburg
    The town of Hoechst on the Main River - this would give Hesse-Seewald a manufactory of porcelain
    Aschaffenburg, also on the Main River, with some vineyards.